Lower cost energy saving Vertical kiln

Short Description:

Application: metallurgy, building materials, calcium carbide, nano calcium carbonate, aerated concrete, calcination of refractory materials and lime, etc
Production capacity: 50-400(t/d)

Product introduction

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Product Introduction:

Shaft kiln is a thermal equipment for continuous calcination of clinker with upper feeding and lower discharging.It is composed of kiln body, feeding and discharging device and ventilation equipment, etc. It is widely used for calcination of various refractory materials and lime.The advantages of MECRU shaft kiln are less capital construction investment, less occupation area, high maturity efficiency, low fuel consumption and easy automation.

Product Advantages:

1, due to reasonable design and structure, compared with the same type of energy saving.
2, good heat preservation effect, the kiln skin temperature can be controlled at about 60℃ ,which is higher than the environmental temperature, energy saving is significant.
3, long service life of refractory materials, materials are not directly with the working face refractory collision, but by gravity settlement and working face friction, reduce the wear speed of refractory materials, energy saving and consumption reduction.
4, small footprint, compact process, reduce investment.

Working Principle:

Upper feeding lower discharging continuous calcining clinker. Working according to counter current heat transfer principle.The materials in the kiln move from top to bottom, and the flue gas passes through the whole tower from bottom to top. Materials are preheated, calcined and cooled in the kiln.


Product Parameters:

Capacity(t/d) 50 100 150 200 300 400
main equipment Main supporting equipment models and technical economic indicators
shaft kiln 60m³ 150m³ 200m³ 250m³ 400m³ 500m³
Kiln chamber section form


calcination temperature/℃ 1100±50
energy-consumption index /(kCal/kg lime) 950±50
Power consumption indicators /(kW·h/t lime) 25±5
Lime stone : lime 1.6~1.75:1
Lime raw overburning rate/% ≤13
Lime activity /ml 220~280(The specific composition of limestone is determined)
Ash temperature/℃ environment temperature +60
Size of limestone entering kiln/mm 30~80/80~120
emission concentration /(mg/Nm3) ≤30
Applicable fuel Block anthracite, block coke, block petroleum coke, block biomass fuel
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