I. What are the main components of the impact sand making machine?
The main components of the impact sand making machine are: bearing seat, spindle, bearing, crushing chamber, motor, transmission device, base, lubrication system, hopper, separator, impeller and so on.


II. What is the working principle of the impact sand making machine?
Micco Road sand making machine adopts all-center feeding: The material falls into the hopper of the sand making machine and enters the high-speed rotating casting wheel through the central feed hole. It is rapidly accelerated in the casting wheel, and its acceleration can reach tens of times the acceleration of gravity. Then it is thrown out from the casting wheel at high speed. By the rebound oblique impact to the top of the eddy current chamber, and change its direction of movement, deflect downward movement, and from the impeller flow from the material impact to form a continuous material screen. In this way, a piece of material in the eddy current crushing chamber by two to many chances of impact, friction and grinding crushing action, the broken material is discharged from the lower discharge port.

Three, the advantages of MECRU impact sand making machine:

Micco Road C series impact crusher has three functions: crushing, sand making and shaping. It is often used in the final process of sand production line. The finished product mechanism has full sand type, reasonable gradation and stable output. It is suitable for sand making and shaping of limestone, river pebble, granite, ore tailings, etc. It is widely used in construction materials, water conservancy and hydropower, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry and other fields.


01 Double pump oil supply lubrication
Dual oil pump complementary system can ensure the oil supply, when no oil flow, no oil pressure can automatically stop, safe and reliable; The thin oil lubrication system can reduce the bearing friction and improve the bearing speed, thus greatly improving the work efficiency.

02 Excellent grain shape, reasonable gradation
The fineness modulus is adjustable and controllable, so that the product has excellent grain shape, reasonable gradation, cube shape, and very low needle and flake content. High packing density and uniform gradation.

03 wear-resistant block combination design
Wear parts replacement is simple and convenient, only need to replace the wear part, and the perimeter guard plate can be turned up and down, saving the cost of later equipment wearing parts replacement.

04 Low fault incidence
Imported bearings are adopted to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and optimize the structural design to reduce the hot spot and reduce the incidence of equipment failure.

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