With development of urban infrastructure construction, speed of urban metabolism is more and more faster. A large number of old buildings have been demolished to build magnificent and beautiful new buildings. Construction waste has been produced at the same time, , which has actually obstructing urban development.

There is a shortage of construction sand recent years. Meanwhile the price of sand remains high. The recycling of construction waste has been supported by local government and attracting the attention of many investors.  China Crusher Manufacturer Mecru Heavy Industry has been on the move. Let’s learn several common questions about recycled aggregate of construction waste!


Why should we recycle construction waste? What are the benefits of recycling?


Research shows that every 100 million tons of construction waste can produce 24.3 billion standard bricks and 36 million tons of mixtures, reduce consumption of 10 million cubic meters of natural sand or gravel, save 2.7 million tons of coal, and increase value by 8.46 billion yuan, creating huge economic benefits. In addition, contrary to simple stacking and landfilling, the resource utilization of construction waste can also reduce the emission of nitrous oxide by 50%, nitride by 99.3% and carbon monoxide by 28%.


How much recycled aggregate can be produced by 1 ton of construction waste?


the conversion rate of aggregate produced by construction waste can reach 85%. One ton of construction waste can produce about 0.85 tons of recycled aggregate, 0.01 tons of scrap steel, and the rest is other waste. The price of recycled aggregate is about 60% of the price of natural gravel materials which can effectively reduce the construction cost by more than 40% and has a great advantage in cost.


For construction waste treatment, which is more convenient? Stationary type or mobile type?


Compared with stationary production line, mobile crushing station has become an ideal  choice due to its small land occupation, fast production time and convenient transfer. The details are as follows:


1. There is no need for foundation and supporting construction. It can work on site;


2. Crawler chassis, easy transported, suitable for complex road conditions, reducing transportation cost;


3. It can work on different working conditions, different equipment can be flexibly combined and used to reduce the investment cost;


4. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain which can reduce labor cost;


5. It can crushing, conveying and screening operations in one operation and provide more production options for customers.


The crawler mobile crushing equipment produced by China Crusher Manufacturer Mecru Heavy Industry has been widely used in the field of construction waste crushing. The equipment not only can operate independently to finish crushing, screening and iron removal of materials, it can also work with multiple machines to complete more sophisticated construction waste treatment. The equipment has been upgraded for many times, it has better adaptability to the treatment of construction waste with higher strength, better performance.

Post time: Jul-21-2022