In the mining and stone industry, people not only require high output of crushing equipment and excellent product quality, but also hope for high energy utilization, low operation and maintenance costs, and easy operation.


Cone crusher plays an important role in mine crushing equipment, with various types and wide applications. Among them, spring type, single-cylinder type and multi-cylinder type are more “popular”. Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is easier to operate than spring type and cheaper than multi-cylinder models. Thats why spring type is widely accepted.


The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has two major labels: single-cylinder and hydraulic, which is a relatively new type of cone crusher. The single-cylinder hydraulic has a hydraulic cylinder as a safety device, and the upper and lower ends of the main shaft are supported, which can withstand greater The crushing strength and stroke are different, and the ideal particle shape can be obtained by lamination crushing, and a variety of cavity types are combined to meet the needs of various particle sizes. The single-cylinder cone crusher produced and developed by Mecru can be widely used in secondary crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing.

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1. Working principle:

The motor drives the horizontal shaft to rotate, the horizontal shaft drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the gear, and then the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to swing circularly. This is to realize continuous extrusion and crushing of materials. By adjusting the hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the moving cone, the moving cone can move up and down so that the size of the discharge port can be easily adjusted. At the same time, the hydraulic cylinder also provides the function of over-iron protection. When an unbreakable object (such as iron block) enters the crushing cavity, the hydraulic cylinder automatically drops the moving cone, releases the iron block, and protects the crusher. After the foreign object is discharged, the moving cone automatically recovers. The equipment returned to working condition and continued to be broken.


2. Advantages and features:


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1. Various cavity options

The equipment has two types of crushing and fine crushing, and each type has a variety of standard cavity types to choose from. According to different production processes, we will give you reasonable designs and configuration of suitable production cavity.


2.Good grain shape

adopting the principle of lamination and crushing and with the high swing frequency of the moving cone. While increasing the output, the grain shape of the product is significantly improved, the grain shape is more even, and the quality of the finished product is improved.


3. Fully automatic production control

The automatic control system is adopted to provide various operation modes such as manual control, constant discharge port control, and constant power control. Users can choose products according to their own needs, which is efficient and fast.


4. Easy to repair and maintain

The structure of the equipment is simple, and all maintenance work can be completed after removing the upper frame, which is more convenient for inspection and maintenance.


5. Optimized design of body frame

Using two boom structure, feeding is smooth. It is not easy to block material, high material requirements, strong and durable.


On-site case

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Among the many successful cases of Mecru Heavy Industry, Mecrus single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has participated. In the era of ever-changing technology and intelligence, it has never hesitated to contribute itself. As the main product of Mecru Heavy Industry, it has been in Production lines at home and abroad have been widely used, and have achieved good market response and unanimous praise from users, which can become your reliable choice!

Post time: Nov-16-2022