With the rapid development of social infrastructure, the demand for crushers is becoming more and more important in construction projects. Do you know how to choose a mine crushers manufacturer suitable for your own use?

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Many users in the purchase of crusher, the choice of crusher manufacturer is not very understanding, but only choose the right crusher manufacturer, the production can be more guaranteed, so we need to pay attention to the following points when we choose the crusher manufacturer:

1, production strength Production strength is mainly reflected by the size of the manufacturer’s production, whether it has its own professional R & D and quality inspection team, whether the manufacturer has strong funds, whether it can have the strength to introduce more mature processing abroad, when the above conditions are met, the quality of the equipment is more.

2, equipment quality equipment quality will directly determine the performance of the equipment is good or bad, good equipment in the actual operation of the work, more stable and reliable, high operation rate, high production efficiency, and low failure rate, long service life, want to understand the manufacturer’s equipment quality, it is necessary to carry out a field trip to the manufacturer, the production workshop environment, scale, equipment process and supporting facilities to understand, But also to the equipment test machine, test machine in the process of equipment quality, performance, operation rate and other aspects of detailed observation.

3. Equipment price One of the topics many users are most concerned about when buying crusher equipment is the price of the crusher. Everyone wants to buy inexpensive and high-quality equipment, so it is necessary to choose the cost-effective crusher manufacturer. It is necessary to communicate with the product technical manager of the crusher equipment manufacturer about the supporting details of the crusher equipment products, and then find the corresponding more affordable price according to the actual demand.

Crusher factory recommendation:


As a manufacturer and service provider of intelligent mine crushing equipment in China, MECRU provides customers with “full life cycle service”. The service chain runs through the whole life cycle of the project, such as preliminary consultation, scheme design, equipment production, installation and commissioning, operation training, spare parts supply, production and operation. Micco Road staff adhering to the “timely, fast, professional, effective” service concept, resolutely fulfill the commitment to each customer. 365 days on standby, with good products and services, to become a loyal partner in the business of customers.


Understand customers’ requirements on equipment capacity, cost budget and other aspects in detail, and recommend reasonable product models and production line configuration for customers with comprehensive consideration of all factors; For customers with special needs, we will send professionals to the site for field research, and tailor suitable and economical solutions for customers.


Constantly communicate, timely listen to customer opinions, according to customer requirements of the product plan constantly improve, improve. When the product is delivered to the customer, our team will help the customer to install and debug the equipment free of charge, and provide professional delivery training services until the operator can operate completely independently.


The company has a mature after-sales service management system, in the use of Micco Road products in the emergency failure, the company will send experts to arrive at the scene in time for service; If there is a fault or unknown problem in the use process, you can get our guidance service anytime and anywhere through our 24-hour after-sales service hotline.


In order to save customers from the trouble caused by equipment downtime, Micco Road is equipped with a complete accessories library. High-quality original parts can make your equipment run more stable, safe, fast transportation service so that you do not have to worry about the loss of downtime.

Post time: Dec-08-2022