There is slight gold in the mineral ore. In order to extract gold, it is necessary to crush and grind the gold ore and then beneficiation method is used to preconcentrate or separate gold from the ore.  Gravity separation and flotation are mostly used in gold beneficiation. Gravity separation plays a very important role in producing gulch-gold. Flotation is a mineral processing method which is widely used in rock gold mines.



Flotation is the most widely used method to process rock gold mine in Gold Concentrator. It is often used to treat sulfide gold ore with high floatability.  Flotation process can maximize the enrichment of gold into sulfide minerals, and the tailings can be directly abandoned, which has a low beneficiation cost and is suitable for large Gold Concentrator.


Technic Requirements:

Generally, the gold which is wrapped in sulfide minerals only needs Monomer Separation of sulfide ore , but for the gold which is born with gangue, the Monomer Separation of gold is needed.

金矿3Technic Process :

The mine ore is firstly crushed by Jaw Crusher to a reasonable fineness and then evenly sent to Ball Mill which crush and grind the ore. Next process is flotation where the gold ore experience coarse, sweeping and fine flotation. Finally, after drying and compression, gold concentration is obtained.


Production Advantages:

①Mecru’s automation solutions can achieve stable and reliable operation of equipments, reduce the quality fluctuation of the final product and reduce the cost of kinds of pharmaceuticals consumption.
②greatly simplified production process, effective decrease in floor area of the plant, reducing failure points in production line, lowering the maintenance cost and also energy consumption
③Mecru has a professional technical team and we can specially design the mineral processing production line for you according to your needs

The reason why you choose us?

Since we were established, Mecru Heavy Industry has been devoted ourseleves to the research, development and innovation of mineral processing technology as well as equipments so as to deal with the various technical problems which may encounter in the mine.

Mecru’s customized beneficiation solutions achieve excellent returns on investment by increasing output of plant, concentrate grade and comprehesive recovery rate. At the same time the influence on the environment is minimal.

After years of delving in the mineral processing industry, Mecru Heavy Industry has continuously enlarge the innovation in the mineral processing process system. In the years of practice, Mecru has constantly improved the mineral processing process,which is aiming to provide customers with more environment-friendly and efficient mineral processing process and better, more meticulous, thoughtful services.

Post time: Jan-03-2023