Construction waste has always been a heart disease in the construction industry, especially in the current environmental protection is so strict, construction waste where to go?


The implementation of the new solid Waste Law separates construction waste from the category of household waste, and raises the prevention and control management of environmental pollution and safety risks of construction waste to a new height. This helps to promote the gradual establishment of the system and system of “classification treatment, recycling and whole process management of construction waste”, so as to realize the transition from the original disordered and uncontrollable management of construction waste to “classification treatment, recycling and whole process controllable management of construction waste”, and finally achieve the goal of reduction, resource utilization and harmless.



Why should construction waste be recycled?

A: Research shows that every 100 million tons of construction waste can produce 24.3 billion pieces of standard bricks and 36 million tons of mixed materials, reduce the extraction of soil or replace natural sand and stone by 10 million cubic meters, save 2.7 million tons of coal, increase the output value of 8.46 billion yuan, and create huge economic benefits. In addition, contrary to the simple stacking and landfill, the recycling of construction waste can also reduce the emission of nitrous oxide by 50 percent, nitride by 99.3 percent and carbon monoxide by 28 percent.

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How much recycled aggregate can be produced from 1 ton of construction waste?


A: The conversion rate of construction waste production as aggregate can reach 85%. 1 ton of construction waste can produce about 0.85 ton of recycled aggregate, 0.01 ton of scrap steel, and the rest is other garbage. The sales price of recycled aggregate is about 60% of the price of natural sand and stone materials, which can effectively reduce the construction cost by more than 40%, and occupies a great advantage in cost.


Fixed or mobile for construction waste disposal?


Answer: Compared with the fixed production line, the mobile crushing station has become the ideal equipment choice due to its advantages such as small area, fast production time and convenient transfer. The details are as follows:


1. Crushing on site without the need of foundation and supporting construction;


2, track chassis, free travel, suitable for complex road conditions, reduce transportation costs;


3. Different equipment can be flexibly combined under different working conditions to reduce investment costs;


4, equipment operation and maintenance is simple, reduce personnel investment cost;


5. Crushing, conveying and screening operations can be completed in one operation to provide customers with more production options.

Post time: May-12-2023