Sand and gravel is the second largest resource that can be exploited and used by humans. The rapid development of my country’s infrastructure construction has led to the increasing shortage of river sand resources. With the increasing reduction of natural sand and protection of environmental protection policies, the cost of natural sand is getting higher and higher, and it cannot meet the increasing market demand. Its quality and supply crisis are threatening The quality, progress and safety of infrastructure construction. In this case, machine-made sand came into being, and the use of machine-made sand and gravel aggregates has become the development direction of the industry.

In recent years, various construction projects have been carried out in an orderly manner, and the demand for sand and gravel aggregates has increased rapidly. However, for a long time, the sand and gravel aggregate production line has been accompanied by environmental pollution problems while improving its efficiency. So is there any way to get the gold and silver mountains, but also leave the green water and green mountains? The answer is yes, please keep these environmental protection measures!

Environmental protection measures that can be taken in mining are as follows:
1. Set up intercepting ditch and pay attention to drainage
Affected by the natural weather, it will inevitably rain during the mining process. It is necessary to prevent rainwater from being discharged indiscriminately and to prevent the occurrence of mudslides. Therefore, necessary intercepting ditches should be set up on each step of the mining construction. When the catchment area of the slope top of the mining surface is large, rapid troughs should be set up on the slope surface to close the collected rainwater and groundwater to the designated drainage pipe.

2. Make a good plan for waste slag
Prevent the waste slag from being piled up in disorder, pay attention to the layout of construction roads and supporting buildings, and make necessary drainage facilities. At the same time, the operation, maintenance and management of waste slag yard shall be strengthened. When the spoil yard is large and the conditions are more complicated, the safety inspection of the stockpiling should be strengthened to prevent accidental safety accidents.

3. Dust removal and noise reduction measures
Formulate practical dust and noise reduction measures to reduce atmospheric dust pollution; optimize blasting parameters to control the generation of dust during drilling and blasting; optimize control of single-shot charge, control particle vibration speed, and avoid blasting shock waves from nearby buildings or facilities In addition, water spraying can be carried out before and after blasting to reduce dust.

4. After use, clear the site and restore vegetation
After the ore stock yard is used up, if conditions permit, artificial arable land and tree planting can be used to clear the yard and restore vegetation. For the existing excavation slope, the spoil yard should strengthen the protection treatment to achieve stability and avoid the occurrence of debris flow and landslides.
Most of the sand and gravel processing equipment is a source of noise and dust, which will pollute the surrounding environment and threaten the health of production personnel. Therefore, it is necessary to control from the crushing equipment.

In the selection of crushing equipment, equipment with excellent protection performance, low noise and environmental protection should be selected. The crusher products produced by Mecru are of high quality, excellent protection performance, noise control from the source, and low noise. And in order to meet market demand, Mecru has optimized the sealing performance of many equipment, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also can operate in a high dust environment.

When choosing a site, you should choose a place far away from the office and living areas and residential areas. At the same time, the crushing and screening site should try to choose the mountain valley area to avoid the spread of dust and noise.


When installing fixed crushing equipment, the design should adopt a structural form that can reduce equipment vibration, or use new materials that are conducive to reducing equipment vibration. Mecru’s professional installation engineers have rich operating experience and can bring users a better service experience.

Post time: Jan-19-2022