Crawler driven Mobile cone crusher

Short Description:

Application areas: Sand yard, mining coal, mining, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites ,etc
Applicable materials: construction stone and metal ore, sand aggregate, ore, granite, etc
Feeding size : 50-300mm
Capacity: 48-440T /h

Product introduction

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Product Introduction:

Crawler mobile cone crushing plant, with cone crusher as the host equipment for crushing Equipped with track driving chassis to convert the mobile site. Including crawler single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and crawler multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. Crawler mobile rack can be installed according to customer demand for production line equipment, according to user demand configuration, tailored for users

Product Advantages:

1, Power system adopts hole wheel turbocharged diesel engine, energy saving and environmental protection. The direct drive full hydraulic system, compact layout and high efficiency, and dust, shock, moisture-proof effect is excellent, without fear of open air environment.
2, Good overload protection function, effectively reduce the machine failure rate, prolong the service life.
3, Crusher laminating crushing, the finished product grain type is good.
4, Load sensitive pump valve, can automatically adjust the output flow and pressure of hydraulic pump according to the actual load demand, energy saving and high efficiency.
5, High performance, high protection vehicle controller and dialogue processing module control. Graphic and visual operation module, intuitive image, simple operation.
6, Real-time monitoring of engine, conducive to equipment maintenance.


Working Principle:

First of all, raw materials through the vibration feeder with screening function into the crusher for crushing, crushing materials after screening, qualified products transported by the belt, unqualified through the belt again returned to the crusher to continue crushing, and then through the vibrating screen formed a closed circuit system. After the broken material reaches standard, it is conveyed by the conveyor, and finally the finished material is obtained.

Crawler Mobile Cone Crusher (3)
Crawler Mobile Cone Crusher (2)
Crawler Mobile Cone Crusher (1)

Product Parameters:

Technical Parameters of Crawler Cone Crusher

Items THP300 THP400 THP300S THP300S
Crusher model HPG300 HPG400 HPG300 HPG400
Feeding belt convey for height (mm) 3100 3160 3100 3160
Capacity (t/h) 85-440 135-625 85-440 135-625
Screen model     YK1330 YK1330
Feeding opening size (mm) 80-230 90-290 80-230 90-290
Transportation size (mm) 15000*3000*3800 16200*3000*3800 16620*3390*3800 17000*3400*3800
Weight (t) 48 50 60 62
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