Inner Mongolia Goose Pebble Sand Production Line

Basic Profile

  • Production capacity: 360T / h
  • Applicable materials: river mesh


Inner Mongolia has a rich pebble resource that is not fully utilized. In construction, the lack of gap in the gravel aggregate is larger and larger, and the price is also rising rapidly. It is now an advantageous opportunity to invest in the mechanism sand production industry. After the auction bidding of the local Natural Resources Authority, the customer took into this pebble mine in Inner Mongolia. According to the customer’s needs, as well as the actual situation in conjunction,finally, the cobblestone crushing production line with an hourly output of 360 tons was configured for the customer


Detailed Configuration

Coarse crushing choose the heavy Impact crusher of Mecru , the highest capacity is up to 700 t / h, which is fully compliant with the needs of the customer service. The Mecru impact sand making machine is used, and it is set to break, sand and shape, three work in one, finished mechanism grain type full, grade fitting, stable production. Finally, a sand washing machine is equipped with a cleaned finished sand without impurities.

Configuration List

feed materials vibrating screen 1 set
Coarse crushing CI impact crusher 1 set
Fine crushing,shaping,sand making C high efficient impact sand making machine 1 set
screen YK vibrating screen 2 set
Sand washing wheel sand sand making machine 1 set


1. the selected Mecru vertical axis impact sand making machine, integrated breakage, sand and shaping, three work in one, finished product mechanism grain type full, level fitting, stable production.
2. the heavy counter-strike break, the break is large, the crushing efficiency is high, the maintenance is convenient, up to 700t / h.
3. the entire production line is reasonable, stable and efficient during production, and the failure rate is much lower than the average.
4. Henan Mecru Heavy Industry Technology Co.Ltd. have a perfect three-package service, as well as the perfect accessory library for accessories support.
5. high automation, production management, equipment management is efficient.

Case Video

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