Hunan River Pebble Sand Production Line

Basic Profile

  • Production capacity:250t/h
  • Applicable materials:river pebbles.


With the continuous development of the economy and the vigorous development of the real estate industry, the consumption of natural sand and gravel resources is huge, and natural sand and gravel resources are gradually scarce, and the artificial sand making industry has begun to flourish. River pebbles are high-quality machine-made sand raw materials. The finished sand produced meets the requirements of high-standard construction sand and has been unanimously recognized by customers.

The customer for this production line is located in Hunan, where the local river pebble resources are rich, and the local market has a great demand for sand and gravel aggregates. After various inspections, the customer chose Maikelu Heavy Industries to configure a 250-ton-per-hour machine-made sand production line.


Detailed Configuration

The entire production line is configured according to customer needs. The main equipment includes: vibrating feeder, C series jaw crusher and C series high-efficiency impact sand making machine, equipped with YK vibrating screen and bucket wheel sand washing machine to form A completed production line.

Configuration List

Feeding Vibrating feeder 1 set
Rough crushing Rough crushing 1 set
Fine breaking, shaping and sand making series high-efficiency impact sand making machine 1 set
screening YK vibrating screen 2set
sand washing Wheel bucket sand washing machine 1set


1. Professional engineers configure for customers after on-site inspection, with stable production, compact flow and small footprint.
2. Reasonable allocation of production lines, efficient production and high crushing rate.
3. The sand making machine used has large production capacity and good grain shape of the finished product, which meets the requirements of high standard sand and gravel.
4. Each process machine has excellent quality, long service life and complete quality assurance service.

Case Video

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