420T /h Screening Project in Congo

Basic Profile

  • Capacity: 420T /h
  • Suitable materials: building waste screening, rock, ore, block road old asphalt concrete screening materials


Due to the lack of productivity of the customer’s original screening line, resulting in low efficiency, has seriously affected the production process, so a set of screening line is urgently needed. Mecru crawler heavy screen plant can be directly started in the workplace, easy to move, high screening efficiency, suitable for urban demolition and other difficult field operations.


Detailed Configuration

Combined with customer needs, a crawler heavy screen plant is customized , the whole euipment is composed of vibration source, screen body, screen and crawler chassis, which can not only work with the primary crusher, but also can be used as a single line of screening.

Configuration List

Screen Crawler Heavy Screen Plant 1 set


1. The excellent design of the heavy screen makes it can not only work in conjunction with the primary crusher, but also can be used as a high-performance crawler mobile heavy screening equipment for first-line screening.
2. Crawler design without fear of terrain, free to move, complex terrain can also easily through.
3. Large hopper, full load operation, large stockpiling capacity, large processing capacity.
4. High-performance screening body can be equipped with a variety of screen mesh, high screening efficiency, according to customer requirements to choose the screen size, a lot of time can be saved when changing the screen.

Case Video

The whole factory projects that we have done cover high voltage cables, building wires, optical fiber cables and data cables etc.

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