280T /h Construction Waste Disposal Line in Quzhou

Basic Profile

  • Capacity: 280T /h
  • Applicable materials: construction waste


With the development of economy, construction waste is increasing, which is usually disposed of by landfill or accumulation in remote areas. However, this method brings great harm to the ecological environment, pollutes the groundwater, and also affects the local ecology. However, construction waste is not worthless, after reasonable utilization it can be turned into treasure and become green recycled aggregate to be used.

The customer saw a promising market for construction waste recycling. Therefore, after investigation, this crawler jaw crushing plnat was customized in Mecru. The equipment is mainly composed of feeder, jaw crusher and belt conveyor, integrating production and operation.


Detailed Configuration

According to the requirements of the customer, we have designed a crawler jaw crushing plant for the customer, which can easily crush the construction waste.  Construction waste can be sorted before treatment, the large concrete blocks and iron wires can be picked out and broken.

The mobile plant is equipped with permanent magnet deferrizater iron, which can separate the material and metal, and screen different specifications of sand stone through the equipment.

Configuration List

Feeder Vibrating Feeder(Standard Configuration) 1set
Crush Crawler Mobile Jaw Crusher 1set
Screen Crawler Screen Plant 1set


1. Machinical integration, after arriving at the site, can directly work, do not need to install the machine infrastructure, saving preparation time.
2. Crusher power system adopts hole wheel turbocharged diesel engine, energy saving and environmental protection. Direct drive full hydraulic system, compact layout and high efficiency, dustproof, shockproof, moisture-proof effect is good.
3. The vibrating feeder in the mobile station can not only remove the soil, but also control the feed quantity while conveying the material continuously.  It ensures that the processing capacity matches with the subsequent crushing production line and effectively improves the production efficiency.
4. The centralized control system, through the LCD screen display, simple and convenient operation, easy to work.

Case Video

The whole factory projects that we have done cover high voltage cables, building wires, optical fiber cables and data cables etc.

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